Looking for some occasional Babysitting Job in the area of Zurich

8102 Oberengstringen, Kanton Zürich
Dear Families,

I´m looking for some occasional babysitting including overnight sitting or urgent babysitting. At the moment I work as a full time nanny for a lovely family but my family travel a lot, so I get a lot of free time. I have more than 6 years experience in babysitting with babies (also prem baby) and children in age 1-10 years old. I can provide excellent reference.

All of my employers have been very happy and satisfied with my work. The families have complimented me for my responsibility, flexibility, creativity and cooking skills. I have always been in favour of having structured day because it provides children a wonderful opportunity to learn discipline and follow a schedule.

- I speak fluent English, basic German B1 (but still learning :)
- love children, photography, reading books, swimming, hiking, DIY craft
- I love cooking and preparing healthy nutritious meals
- I´m trustworthy, organised and hardworking

If you interested for an Ad - hoc babysitter, please feel free to contact me!
Thank you
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