Suche Mitstreiter / co-worker/s für Spielgruppe in Aarau Rohr

5032 Rohr, Kanton Aargau
Hauptstrasse 50b
Auf der Suche nach einer mitarbeitenden Personen 4-5 oder einem unabhängigen Arbeitsspiel- und Klassenzimmer zur Miete in Aarau Rohr.
I m running a tagesmutter structure, morning and afternoon, plus a club for kids and a playgroup for preschool and older school kids to play. It is a fun multisensory program in my classroom in Aarau. But I don't use fully the potential of that place, 140q m only 30sqm and for the rest of the place, therefore I m looking for the others. From 4-6 independent "Tagesmutters" or nannies to corporate. I created a playroom with a min gym and an indoor playground, even a projector for movie shows afternoon for kids. I think of creating a bilingual environment: English, German, and maybe others languages with the health stimulation of socializing, playing, introduction to spelling, math, geography, science, etc, also I m a yoga teacher. I want to build up something together, not a competition, and gain more positive, better care for kids. Create like one play for many Tagesmutter/clubs to use the space to maxim but also keep our independent " business" of course kids can integrate together. When we are 4, it would cost us only 400 chf per month including all expenses. I m fresh in the market but already have 2 times that and working there only for 4 hours on Monday and Friday. That will open the possibility for them to socialize and the second language, and we will have also a backup in case of sickness, or just help each other in taking care of them, and also have some to talk a bit. I have also a playpen for the babies. I don't want to be a boss, but a teammate, we all going to be equal. The same kids will treat the same, and have access to the whole playground, plays, and activities. I respect your ideas and vision, need to stay independent with your clients but also combine our potential could create an amazing bilingual club/ group/ day structure for kids, and use that place. I m there for only 3 days. We could organize together a nice meeting, and extra activities for them and vice versa, as I would need a bit of help with German sometime, also I think it will provide more safety and socializing, a stimulating environment for kids, so a win-win option. write to me. I don't have a premium.
BRILLIANT KIDDOS | The English preschool Playgroup
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